Canopee Structures SAS drives the
Urban Canopee project.

  1. Creation of URBAN CANOPEE.
    Winner of the GreenTech Verte of the Ministry of the Transition Ecological & Solidarity .

  2. Selection by Ponts Alumni to be incubated at Station F .

  3. Winner of the "Futurapolis Toulouse" show with the Public Grand Prix .

  4. Selection for the Plaine Commune project call: industrial demonstrator for the sustainable city.

  5. Selection by Paris City Challenge for our urban heat island solution.

  6. Selection for the French final of the CleanTech OPEN France .

  7. Toulouse Canopée project successfully funded by Ulule (10 000€).

  8. Winners of Quartiers D’innovation Urbaine.

  9. Exposant au CES de Las Vegas, pavillon FrenchTech - Sélection par la région Ile de France.

  10. Construction of Toulouse Canopée project.

Our operational team

The organisation is based on a operational team dedicated to the project.

Co-Founder & CEO

MRICS, ISG Paris, ICH, university lecturer at École des Ponts in the EMF department (Economics, Management, Finance), Hubert teaches business management and innovative business creation. He has been project manager in sustainable city and responsible buildings within the d.school Paris at École des Ponts (2015-2017). 

Hubert, leader and co-founder of the Urban Canopee project, is the chairman of the company and ensures its development. His passion for innovative projects (LaserMap in 2006-2008 and CleanbyDrone in 2015-2016) combined with his professional experience in the real estate industry in which he has done his whole career, are major assets to increase efficiency.

Co-Founder & CTO

Engineer graduated from AgroParisTech, specialized in management and innovation in corporate performance, Elodie is co-author with Dr. Nijhuis of the booklet : “Exploring Green infrastructures. Concepts and practices in green infrastructure design.” (TU Delft, 2016, internal report).

Passionate about the issues of vegetation and biodiversity in urban planning, her previous experience in eco-design acquired in company of engineering consultants allows her to understand the environmental and energy performance of buildings. Thus, her double role as agronomist engineer and assistant project manager in sustainable construction, allows her to provide an environmental expertise in the management of projects developed by Urban Canopee.

Flavius BICA
IoT Engeneer

Electronics and Computer Science Engeneer Apprentice at Polytech Sorbonne

Flavius will pursue the developpement of our connected solution : the Sensopee system and data analysis.

His programming skills will help us building a dedicated plateform in order to collect data and modelise it into helpful one.

R&D & vegetalization manager

Engineer from AgroParisTech, Ariane is in charge of vegetalization and biodiversity issues in nowadays urban development. Her specialization in engineering of Vegetated Spaces in city allows her to provide an environmental expertise in the management of our projects.

Ulysse FRÈRE
System R&D and IoT

Engineer from INSA, Ulysse is charge of R&D of our connected irrigation system, Sensopee®. His specialization in System and Network Communication allows him to provide an electronic and technical expertise in the management of our projects.

Production Manager

Didier is responsible for the proper functioning of the workshop, stock and production supply. He is an asset for the company’s industrial success thanks to 20 years of experience in the cosmetics industry.

Structural Engineer

Structural engineer for new markets, Lois’ specialization in Innovative Project Management at UTC and his experience abroad allow him to provide his expertise and skills for the development of new projects.

Charlotte RHYBHOLL
Social Media Manager

Apprentice in e-commerce and digital marketing at the University of Paris 8, Charlotte is in charge of digital strategy.
Her digital skills will allow her to develop the company’s e-reputation within various web communities.

Stanislas PERSOZ
Works Supervisor

Engineer Agrocampus Ouest, Stanislas is in charge of the coordination and execution of our projects. His agronomic knowledge and his experience in conducting work allow him to optimally steer all of our projects.

Legal & Financial Assistant

Apprentice in accounting, control and audit at INTEC CNAM Institute, Karim is in charge of the financial and legal management of URBAN CANOPEE. His mission is to ensure the follow-up accounting, while intervening in legal issues.

Our scientific experts

This operational structure is supported by scientific experts from the laboratories of the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées Paristech.

  • Jean-François CARON
      Jean-François CARON

      Research Director of the Ministry of the Environment, head of the Materials and Structures Architectured team of the Navier Laboratory, Professor at Ecole des Ponts.
      Jean-François is the Scientific Director of the project. Chief Engineer of materials and composite materials, he is the expert of these aspects in the project and also the institutional and contractual interfaces between Ecole des Ponts, the partners and Canopee Structures SAS.

    • Frédéric TAYEB
        Frédéric TAYEB

        Dr. Engineer of Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon and Ecole des Ponts, he is the academic head of MEM department (Mechanical and Materials Engineering).

        Frédéric, specialized in design of light structures, brings his expertise on the aspects of additive manufacturing (connections – fastening systems) for the development of new processes and the implementation of departments projects for school students.

        Also passionate about vegetation, Frederic participates with us in the experiments and plants choices according to various constraints.

      • Baptiste LEFEVRE
          Baptiste LEFEVRE

          Expert Calculation, Engineer of Ecole Polytechnique, and also Bridges, Waters and Forests Engineer.

          Baptiste will participate in the development of the proposed solutions, relying on the expertise he developed during his experiences at Ecole des Ponts.

        • Romain MESNIL
            Romain MESNIL

            Calculation Expert and Facade, Doctor Engineer of Ecole des Ponts, holder of a Master of Engineering from MIT. Project Manager Co-Innovation Lab of Ecole des Ponts.
            Romain is a specialist in architectural geometry and his role is to participate in the development of innovative structural design solutions.

          • Olivier BAVEREL
              Olivier BAVEREL

              Olivier is Professor at the Ecole des Ponts and at the National School of Architecture of Grenoble.

              Through his academic, architectural and constructive culture, he drives innovative reflections and developments in terms of structural typology on complex geometries construction methods and assemblies.
              Also expert in digital construction, he reflects upon aspects related to the automation and robotization of construction.

            • Adélaïde FERAILLE
                Adélaïde FERAILLE

                Expert Ecodesign and life-cycles, Dr., Government Public Works Engineer (ITPE). Adelaïde brings her skills in Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) to this project, and thus, the possibility to explore the environmental potential into different design alternative, variations and types of construction, and plantations.

                She applies her expertise to the service of the interface between the different stakeholders involved in the LCA.

              • Julien CRAVERO
                  Julien CRAVERO

                  Engineer of Centrale Nantes, Julien is a PhD student at Ecole des Ponts, in HM&Co lab (Hydrology Meteorology and Complexity) and Navier lab (Materials and Architectural Structures).

                  He is writting his PhD on the “Optimal implementation of green gridshells for mitigating urban heat island effects”. His main research interests concern thermal flow modelling at various scales, architectural geometry, the assessment of ecosystemic benefits of urban vegetation and the life-cycle analysis of vegetated structures.

                  To do so, his work must couple instrumentation of a prototype implemented at the ENPC and high resolution modeling of thermal flows. This will help to question the optimal arrangement of these structures to answer questions of cooling in a complex urban environment.

                • Pierre-Antoine VERSINI
                    Pierre-Antoine VERSINI

                    Expert in Meteorology and Urban Hydrology Complexity, Dr., Engineer of Centrale Nantes, Pierre-Antoine brings us his knowledge regarding hydrologic impact and quantitative urban hydrology : modelling runoff model using linear and non linear model, incorporation of blue and green infrastructures and green roof, impact studies, ecodesign, modeling the transfert of pollutants from road traffic.

                  Our incubators and partners

                  • STATION F
                      STATION FURBAN CANOPEE y est actuellement incubé

                    • La GreenTech Verte
                        La GreenTech VerteURBAN CANOPEE y est actuellement incubé

                      • Incubateur Descartes
                          Incubateur DescartesURBAN CANOPEE y est actuellement incubé

                        • Ponts Alliance
                            Ponts AllianceIls nous soutiennent

                            Association des Anciens Élèves de l’École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, créée en 1860 et reconnue d’utilité publique en 1885