Embark on our cities’ greening revolution!

Canopees at the National library of France in Paris city

URBAN CANOPEE offers innovative solutions to help combat the effects of climate change in urban environments — putting green where you can’t plant trees.

The innovative Green Funnel, the company’s lightweight and adaptable frames, are used for the rapid installation of living canopies in public spaces, as an aesthetic asset or to provide traditional shade cover. As an industry leader in green infrastructure solutions, URBAN CANOPEE are experts in the design, engineering, manufacture and installation of these visually impactful and environmentally responsible composite structures.

After taking France by storm, URBAN CANOPEE is now taking its first steps into the Australian market. Offering cutting-edge solutions for public spaces, schools, corporate headquarters, pedestrianised areas and other open spaces, URBAN CANOPEE is committed to cooler, more resilient and sustainable urban environments.

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