Our solution for the Planet

The fight against climat change

Urban Canopee offers innovative solutions to fight against the effects of climate change by deploying plant canopies over the city in order to:

  • combat heat islands by deploying oasis of freshness,
  • restore urban biodiversity,
  • give many ecosystem services,
  • fight against air pollution,
  • improve the quality of life for citizens.

Making cities resilient

Urban Canopee allows the city’s actors to plant the urban landscape of tomorrow for:

  • allowing our cities to become resilient to climate change,
  • achieving good certification ratios for buildings (HQE, BREEAM, LEED), eco-districts and cities (LEED for Cities certifications),
  • respecting the “green” regulations that are developing all over the world,
  • creating green value by adding aesthetics to the building and modernity in the city,
  • making it possible to obtain aesthetic shaded areas, with a very low footprint,
  • making urban green planning flexible.
of the world human population will be living in urban areas in 2050.
The formation of urban heat islands increases heat peaks of 7 to 12 degrees Celsius between green spaces and concrete spaces, leading many premature deaths and a choking sensation for residents.
of vertebrates animals have disappeared in just 40 years.
2,9 M
Every year, air pollution causes the untimely deaths of 2.9 million people worldwide.