Canopee Structures SAS drives the
Urban Canopee project.

Our operational team

The organisation is based on a operational team dedicated to the project.

President of Canopee Structures SAS

MRICS, ISG Paris, ICH, university lecturer at École des Ponts in the EMF department (Economics, Management, Finance), Hubert teaches business management and innovative business creation. He has been project manager in sustainable city and responsible buildings within the d.school Paris at École des Ponts (2015-2017). 

Hubert, leader and co-founder of the Urban Canopee project, is the chairman of the company and ensures its development. His passion for innovative projects (LaserMap in 2006-2008 and CleanbyDrone in 2015-2016) combined with his professional experience in the real estate industry in which he has done his whole career, are major assets to increase efficiency.

Project manager – PMO

Engineer graduated from AgroParisTech, specialized in management and innovation in corporate performance, Elodie is co-author with Dr. Nijhuis of the booklet : “Exploring Green infrastructures. Concepts and practices in green infrastructure design.” (TU Delft, 2016, internal report).

Passionate about the issues of vegetation and biodiversity in urban planning, her previous experience in eco-design acquired in company of engineering consultants allows her to understand the environmental and energy performance of buildings. Thus, her double role as agronomist engineer and assistant project manager in sustainable construction, allows her to provide an environmental expertise in the management of projects developed by Urban Canopee.

Our incubators and partners

      STATION FURBAN CANOPEE y est actuellement incubé

    • La GreenTech Verte
        La GreenTech VerteURBAN CANOPEE y est actuellement incubé

      • Incubateur Descartes
          Incubateur DescartesURBAN CANOPEE y est actuellement incubé

        • Ponts Alliance
            Ponts AllianceIls nous soutiennent

            Association des Anciens Élèves de l’École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, créée en 1860 et reconnue d’utilité publique en 1885