Toulouse Canopee

Toulouse canopy is an innovative solution to fight against the effects of climate change by deploying a bouquet of 3 planted corolles (100m² of plants) on the Place Jean Diébold (facing the St Cyprien market) in autumn 2018.

The choice of this place is particularly interesting for the citizens of Toulouse since it is here on the alley Charles-de-Fitte (which borders the place Jean Diebold) that is one of the largest urban heat islands from the city of Toulouse.

The flowering of the 9 climbing plants (Akebia, Clematis, Hydrangea, Jasmine, Bignone, Hops, Rosebush, Passiflore, Virginia Creeper) will offer a palette of colors changing with the seasons. This succession of diverse and varied plant environments will also promote ecological diversity. The plant essences were selected by engineering students from the french PURPAN school.

On the other hand, Toulouse canopy will be studied and followed closely by Julien CRAVERO, as part of his PhD at the Ecole Nationale des Ponts ParisTech on the “Optimal deployment of urban vegetal grafts for the mitigation of urban heat islands – Performance evaluation in the context of a LCA “. This structure will feed the scientific data by showing the interest of such structural deployments in our cities.

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